4 Steps To Getting Your Period Back And 4 Supplements That Can Help

Updated: Sep 20

I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) earlier this year, but I have been struggling with irregular cycles and period amenorrhea for 6 years now! In addition to taking these 4 natural supplements to get my period back ( inositol, probiotics, vitex and a prenatal), I took several other natural steps to reduce my pcos symptoms and heal my amenorrhea!

Keep reading to find out what I did to get my period...

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a health problem that affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age. Women with pcos have a hormonal imbalance and metabolism problems that may affect their overall health, appearance and fertility. There are different types of pcos including insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid and inflammation (I can discuss more on another post).

My Story:

Two years ago, before I was told I have pcos, I went to a gynecologist and she prescribed me birth control. I took birth control for a year in hopes that it would fix my hormonal imbalance, but it really just put a mask over the underlying issue. I decided to come off of birth control and didn't see a period for a whole year.

Not having a period for a year worried me, so I found a new gynecologist in hopes that she would provide me with some alternatives to birth control. Unfortunately, she told me that I have PCOS and the only answer to regulating my hormones and cycle is to go on birth control. I went on birth control again for the month of January 2020 and came off of it one month later... for good this time..

The 4 Steps I followed to get my period back after not having it for a year:

Since coming off birth control for good, I have been following 4 steps that I truly believe helped me get my cycle back! (Please note that I am not a doctor and I am just sharing what has worked for me. Also note that I am not ratting out birth control, and if it works for you then by all means, you do you! It just wasn't for me and I wanted to figure out why I wasn't getting my period.) (I also want to note that if you do not have a period and have not had one for a while, I recommend you go see a doctor and figure out what you have, for instance, I was told I have pcos and so from there I decided to take steps to reducing my pcos symptoms, like amenorrhea!)

-After meeting with my doctor, getting my blood results back, and going over my personal symptoms, I came to the conclusion that I needed to improve my insulin resistance if I wanted to get my period back and reduce my PCOS symptoms. So here's what I did...

1. Exercise

In order to reduce the load and stress on my body, I made some changes to my workout routine. High intensity workouts and hours of tedious cardio only led to insulin resistance, raised stress levels, and carb use for energy, instead of fat burning. Instead of obsessing over weight loss and 2 hours of daily cardio in addition to weightlifting, I dropped most of my cardio and focused on slow and steady 30 minute workouts with rest in between sets. The changes I made to my workouts, lowered my stress hormones, reduced my excessive hunger pangs, and my body switched from using carbs for constant energy to fat, resulting in improved insulin sensitivity.

2. Nutriton

I made a few changes to my diet including, switching to primarily...

-gluten and dairy free ( I later started adding back in dairy and gluten and still kept my period, but i do believe it helped speed up the process)

-watching my carb intake (30-70 carbs is my current range)

-eating more

-binging less

-intuitive eating

(I can explain more about why I made these changes in another post)

3. Supplements I Take

-Prenatal (For Folic Acid supplement and as a multi vitamin) -

-inositol x2 a day (For Insulin Resistance+hormone regulation+healthy ovarian function)-

- Probiotic ( For Gut health, Inflammation and food sensitivities)-

- Vitex (Chaste Tree) -

Below are the brands that I use daily!

4. Reducing Stress

-Cut back on coffee [caffeine stimulates the adrenals and can lead to adrenal fatigue and raised testosterone(stress hormones) levels] and switched to drinking peppermint tea with is not only caffeine free but great for lowering testosterone.

-Invested in hobbies like music, guitar, blogging, socializing, and craft making

-Prioritize sleep (at least 7 hours of sleep every night). My fitbit Alta is great at tracking my sleep and helping me reach my target and has helped me a ton!

Below are a two books that helped me take charge of my pcos and get my period back naturally:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 20th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health - Paperback – Illustrated, July 7, 2015 :

Beyond the Pill: A 30-Day Program to Balance Your Hormones, Reclaim Your Body, and Reverse the Dangerous Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill Hardcover – Illustrated, January 29, 2019 :

Thank you for taking time to read this update on my pcos story. I was so excited to share this news with those who have been following my pcos journey and I look forward to updating you guys again! I hope this was an encouragement to those who are going through a similar journey as me, and that it provides hope for you in getting your cycle back! Getting your period back will not be an over night thing, but with time, effort, knowledge, support, you can get your cycle back naturally!!

This was a very brief blog post, but if you have any questions about the information or tips I offered, I would love to make other posts where I go more into depth on specific topics, such as binging, intuitive eating, supplements, working out with PCOS, etc...

Yours Truly, SARA at TheFitFarmWifey


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