Is Baby Fever A Real Thing? And How Can I Ease It?


We have all heard this saying a time or two before and perhaps you would be lying if you said you hadn't thought it before too. That irresistible urge to have your own little bean, swaddle a new babe, squeeze their soft, squishy, rosy cheeks, rub their little, delicate, round belly, hold their two little, tiny hands and feel their small but mighty grip on your single index finger...ok..I think I'm getting a little carried away here, perhaps I have the baby fever ;D.

Well I think you get the point, and that is that, this baby fever thing is very serious! In fact, "Baby fever is a real physical and emotional phenomenon", says Bonnie Rochman, former parenting blogger for The News & Observer. Of course, different factors play a role in the severity of your case of Baby fever but don't ever let anyone tell you it is not a thing...Baby Fever is real and it can be invasive and contagious!

Here are a few remedies that can help you calm your baby fever so that you can at least get some more work done instead of daydreaming about babies. Take it from a Baby Fever Fighter.

  1. Have a baby: Well seems obvious enough, but the truth is that most women who have their first baby end up losing baby fever. I haven't tried this one myself but i am curious to see if it works haha. Or maybe it's like a tattoo and you just keep wanting more! LOL

  2. Watch a baby: Not in a creepy way... but perhaps volunteer to help out some friends or family that could use the extra hands! This will give you some more experience and ease that baby fever... Be cautious though, because babysitting may just flame the fire!

  3. Have a little me time: Enjoy your self and your spouse because when the time comes and you do have a baby, everything changes! Not necessarily bad, indeed it will be amazing, but it will be different. It's not longer about you but now you have another little soul you have to think of. This quality time will take your mind off babies and remind you to enjoy the here and now!

  4. Get Busy: This is a big one for me. If I'm in the house with nothing much to do, my mind will start wondering and thinking about our future and our kiddos and before I know it, I become sad because its not reality yet. I have to remind myself of the beautiful time I have now with my Hubby, family and friends, but also be excited and patient for the future. In order to get my mind off of it I will read a book, write a blog post about it (like I'm doing today hehe), workout, clean the house, go shopping with friends, hug your lover, write thank you cards to friends and family, anything that can get your mind off babies and remind you of all the beautiful memories you have and are making now!!

I hope these 4 remedies helped and just so you know, you are not alone! If you want a baby, that is totally natural and I congratulate you for wanting such a beautiful God-given gift. When it is your time, you are going to shine Mama! <3


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