Loving Yourself: The Key To Most Problems

Updated: Mar 24

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Loving Yourself may just be the key to most of your problems. Now obviously, you can't heal a cold just by telling yourself "I love you", although it may just motivate you to take precautions in order to prevent you from getting a cold in the first place.

Before you can get better on the exterior your interior needs to be nurtured. The outside of a house doesn't matter if the foundation was built wrong. Just as a building needs a strong foundation, we need to have a strong interior. Self love is the door way to strength, positivity, and motivation to finally reach your fitness and career goals. ⠀

Workout like you love yourself, not because you need to lose weight.⠀

Eat healthy because you love your self, not because you need to punish your self from all the bad food you just binged on.⠀

Say kind words to yourself and set goals because you want to be a better person, and not just less on the scale.⠀

Guys, I'm telling you, the obsessive behavior is not fun, and if you know what I'm talking about you know it is a daily battle. Progress takes time, and it's about the decisions you make over time, and not the occasional slipups. ⠀

Make sure you get up today, and move that sexy thanggg!⠀


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