Sourdough Supplies List and Tips for Beginners: 13 Supplies Needed To Get Baking That Sourdough

First of all, before you start making any kind of sourdough, it is highly recommended that you buy The Sourdough School Book by Vanessa Kimball. This book is one of the best sourdough books and has helped so many other sourdough bakers and sourdough beginners get started on their baking journey. It is so important that you know everything about sourdough baking before getting started. Sourdough can easily become a stressful project if you are not prepared. But no fear, with this sourdough book and the tips and supplies list that I am about to share with you, you will be on your way to becoming the sourdough Queen or King you were meant to be!

Get your Sourdough School Book here :

Below is a list of the sourdough supplies and ingredients needed to bake sourdough. There are hundreds of different recipes for sourdough and different recipes may call for different supplies but this is the most common supplies required for any sourdough baker.

Below are the supplies and ingredients needed to make white sourdough:

- Large mixing bowls for mixing, folding and fermenting dough:

- Bread Banneton Proofing Basket 2 Set:

- Mason Jars for making sourdough starter:

- Digital Food scale that measures grams:

- Dutch Oven:

- Rubber spatula for scraping sides of jar and bowls:

- Parchment paper:

- Linen towels (for covering dough as it ferments):

- Water (make sure no chlorine in it)

- Organic unbleached white flour:

- Organic whole wheat flour:

- Fine pink salt:

- Your hands

TIPS and TRICKS before you get started:

-If you don't have a dutch oven just bake your bread on a pan with an upside down pot on top of it. DIY dutch oven. TADAHH!

- If your first sourdough turns out flat it's probably because your starter is still too young. Keep using and feeding your sourdough starter and the bread will get better with time!

- If you read the book suggested in the beginning then you will later find out that you actually don't bake the bread with your starter but you use the starter to create a leaven, which you then use in making your dough.

- If you are completely confused, PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy the book and read it all the way through. This helped me tremendously!

- Before getting started, write out a sourdough schedule according to your daily life schedule so that you don't find your self baking at 2 am in the morning.

- If you only plan on baking once a week, place your starter in the fridge after using it and just feed it once or twice before using it again.

- If a layer of liquid appears on the top of your starter just pour out the top layer of liquid and feed it. It is probably hungry!

- Use leftover sourdough discard to make AWESOME pumpkin sourdough pancakes. Here is the recipe! >>>>>>>

Congratulations! if you have read the previously mentioned book and bought all your supplies then you are all set and ready to get baking that delicious and flavorful sourdough. I hope this helps!


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